Unfinished Business: Return to Opika

Yea, so I had some unfinished business here to take care of.

On the last visit, someone stole my cake.

And by that I meant the last piece of Revised Black Forest Cake with Dark Chocolate and Brandy that I had my eye on – which was cruelly taken from me before I could finish my dinner.

This time – revenge was mine!

On a lighter note, I really just wanted to catch up with my compadrés Jo Blow and Lil Evie. I don’t even know why I came up with those monikers but they sound really good.

And after over 12 hours of fasting I was HUNGREH. So three things were on my mind: coffee, protein and the Revised Black Forest Cake with Dark Chocolate and Brandy (what a mouthful!). I opted for the Swedish Style Meatballs with Potatoes with an added side of vegetables. Truth to be told, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – I was hoping against hope it would not be a platter of dry, tasteless, meatballs served at “that-wannabe-Swedish-bistro” I last went. You know, the stuff you can use as wall plugs.


Suffice to say I squealed like a little girl when this showed up.

Meatballs manna.

Flavoursome minced beef and lamb; very moist with a peppery gravy. You won’t find the meat springy because it’s mostly meat (as opposed to that other place that serves up wall plugs!). Sat on a plateful of baby carrots, bell peppers, zucchini and a decent portion of mashed potatoes and peas this made for a comforting post-workout lunch. I was also indulged by Chief Food Officer Madam Goemann with a glass of Lemongrass Juice sweetened with Brazilian Cane Sugar. Very refreshing stuff, and not cloyingly sweet.

Resident Coffee Maker and Hostess Nicole is captured in this picture. No prizes for guessing where she is.

Now that my palate was clean it was time to dirty it up with a treat. You guessed it – the Revised Black Forest Cake with Dark Chocolate and Brandy! Standing at the height of a Manolo heel, this formidable foe to any girl’s expanding derriere is to-die-for. Quite seriously, if you’re going to have your cake and eat it too, fall off the wagon for a little while. This dense rich cake cuts well without falling to pieces; intermittently one will discover delightful brandy-soaked bulbs of cherry. Very good on it’s own, deathly with a cup of brewed organic coffee.

Cake...or death?

As usual the service here is friendly and the ambiance is relaxed. Food is particularly enjoyable and the clientele tend to browse the aisles  quietly or graze on their food; not much drama occurs in Opika and I get the feeling they like it that way. In fact, I like it that way. So much so I am considering this as one of my future “mobile libraries” where I can kick back and do my research in peace – and in exchange, volunteer to be a kitchen guinea pig from time to time.


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